An application is requesting access to a

protected item.

My partner crashed my computer (ok so it might not entirely have been his fault - I think the 3 year old helped) and since then every time I access a new webpage, up pops the above message. If I click onthe details button I get: Program: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local
Description: (a narrow upright box that I can't paste into this text box)
Access Type: Accessing a Protected item

Not terribly helpful! how do I make this go away!

geek_plastic8, Mar 30, 2:52 pm

can you do a screen shot of the box !

just get it onscreen then clik prntscrn button then open mspaint and clik edit/paste then save it as a jpg then uplaod it to trademe 'my photos' then clik into the pic so you see it onscreen then clik into the address bar and highlight the www etc bit then right clik and 'copy'.then come back here and 'paste'.

geek_drcspy, Mar 30, 3:56 pm

Thanks, but he just came home and fixed it - something about a new chrome update :-)

geek_plastic8, Mar 30, 4:03 pm