Thunderbird in Linux

sonns79, Apr 6, 9:19pm
Hi I still new to Linux and I cant send an email using Thunderbird.Can someone please guide me through the process of setting it all up properly.I use gmail for all my rubbish mails and keep Thunderbird for important stuff.Not sure why I am having trouble sending because it receives everything okay.

little_egypt, Apr 6, 9:34pm
Who's your email provider! They'll have a page somewhere with the correct settings, and usually they cover thunderbird too because it's quite a common mail program. You need to check the settings for SMTP (the sending part) but don't change anything related to imap/pop3 (the receiving part which is already working)

sonns79, Apr 6, 9:42pm
Thanks I am with Woosh.It always worked without certificates in Windows so I never had to bother.

r.g.nixon, Apr 6, 9:46pm
Nothing to do with certificates. It's your SMTP settings which you need to change.

sonns79, Apr 6, 9:52pm
Yes what I mean is that when I had Windows I never had to change anything it always just autodetected everything.Is that one of the reasons Linux is more secure/

jcmp21, Apr 6, 9:52pm
You can try pointing to gmails SMTP server and make sure it's using port 587. Obviously you want to ensure there is SSL/TLS enabled for security reasons etc.

gilco2, Apr 6, 9:55pm
I use thunderbird in bothe windows and linux. I am with vodafone and my email address is ihug.When I set up it always rejects it because security certificate doesnt match.What I do is let it set up, then when the rection comes, choose manual and just open and check settings but dont change anything then save it.The message will come up saying certificate doesnt match but this time allows you to confirm exception and ignore it.With mine it expects the certificate to be ihug not vodafone

little_egypt, Apr 6, 10:05pm
I see what you mean about their website. Personally I would just give up on their email entirely, use a gmail account (or two, one for business, one everything else) .

Using an ISP-provided email account means that you either have to stay with that ISP forever and ignore better deals from other providers, keep paying your old provider to keep the email if you switch, or change your email address if you switch providers. With a gmail address you can switch providers as often as you like or access your email from any internet connection and you never have to change anything.

I have one gmail account that I use for everything, more than a dozen other emails redirect to it plus the catch-all address for three or four domains, and I still get almost no spam at all.

sonns79, Apr 6, 10:17pm
It wasnt anything to do with the SMTP settings it was that I had username and password checked in security settings so I just unchecked it and its working fine now.Thanks.

sonns79, Apr 6, 10:20pm
I have never had a problem using Thunderbird in fact I have always found it great its just the set-up on Linux is different from that on Windows and yes I choose to ignore the certificates as well but its better than gmail I havent heard of anyone having their Thunderbird account hacked.When I changed from Telecom to Woosh it just detected the settings automatically.Its just a different setup in Linux.

jcmp21, Apr 6, 11:07pm
People wouldn't have their Thunderbird account hacked, they would have their email account hacked. This could be compared to someone having their bank account cleared out and saying their Firefox was hacked. The majority of email accounts hacked comes from poor password management, ie the password being harvested through various methods such as a compromised site where a person used the same password universally and the hacker was able to just use the same password supplied from the compromised site.

little_egypt, Apr 7, 12:31am
Technically that would be the SMTP part of the security settings, but yeah.

Also the config in thunderbird isn't the best either. It's not as bad as outlook, but I think I prefer evolution.

sonns79, Apr 7, 12:40am
Whats evolution/

r.g.nixon, Apr 7, 12:43am
An email client.

little_egypt, Apr 7, 1:05am
Evolution is another Linux email client which looks a lot like Microsoft Outlook. It does the whole contacts, calendaring thing and can even connect to an exchange server and it's (imho) a bit less confusing than thunderbird to configure too.

sonns79, Apr 7, 1:07am
Thanks I might just look that up.

jcmp21, Apr 7, 1:14am
Connects to exchange! Blasphemy!

little_egypt, Apr 7, 1:18am
You probably already have it installed, under 'office' . what distro are you using!

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