Good Excel tutorial?

need to learn more about microsoft excel.any good online tutorial sites!

some of the googling i have tried has brought up useless "facts"

geek_fordcrzy, Apr 4, 10:01 pm

OK what kind of things will you be using it for!

geek_wellystretch, Apr 4, 10:05 pm

Microsoft site has some good tutorials.This is the link for Excel 2010:!filter=1&ck=1&av=zxl140&qu=excel&ex=2

geek_cappuccina, Apr 4, 10:26 pm

Youtube will help.They got some great tutorials on there

geek_stardesta, Apr 4, 10:38 pm

geek_thunderstorm, Apr 4, 10:45 pm

+1 indeed.

geek_gibler, Apr 5, 12:06 am


geek_duggin, Apr 5, 5:04 pm

cheers. its for work

they keep sending me reports for the whole country and i want to just print out our areas data.problem is when i highlight the bit that i antand select "print selection" it still prints the WHOLE lot out.

geek_fordcrzy, Apr 5, 7:48 pm

Oh cool, I was asking because there are so many specific uses for excel, everyone uses it differently i.e stock inventory, sensitivity analysis etc. . . if we had more info about what you were using it for we could better recommend resources.

geek_wellystretch, Apr 5, 8:09 pm

fordcrzy.easy in excel 2010 to see what is going to be printed - go "View">>"-
Page Break Preview" and click and drag the blue lines so that the only print area is what you require. All the other data should be in the "Grey" Area and will not print.

geek_budzone, Apr 6, 9:10 pm

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geek_guest, Aug 4, 2:39 pm