Printer -wrong cartridge

deathmetal, Apr 5, 11:33am
if my printer is saying wrong cartridge yet is the origional one that came with it, i am just wondering if,. 'IF' the colour cartridge had run out would that cause it to not print even if there is still black ink! the printer isalexmark x2650 and was running fine before it went into storage. TIA

thewomble1, Apr 5, 2:45pm
I THINK you will find that both cartridges have to have ink in them.

deathmetal, Apr 5, 2:55pm
yeah i must've heard that somewhere before. does anyone know where i can buy a really cheap replacement colour cartridge -never bought one before. -thanks!.

lilyfield, Apr 5, 8:20pm
I doubt that somehow, my printer runs fine on black only- have never replaced the empty coloured one, but also not removed.

motig, Apr 5, 8:25pm
Cartridge world if you have one

gdnshack, Apr 5, 9:24pm
Can't you just turn off the colour one in the printing menu!My Canon won't work without both cartridges, but I ticked it to only print in black.The colour ran out ages ago.

deathmetal, Apr 5, 11:02pm
i'm not very tech savvy, how would i do that pls! (i have a colour button and a black button on the printer, so i'm not sure if there is an actual setting for them within print preview)! :/

deathmetal, Apr 5, 11:11pm
fiddled with what few colour options there in advanced settings and now every time i push the print button it just tries to save document!

lilyfield, Apr 5, 11:28pm

deathmetal, Apr 5, 11:46pm
no its ok i prefer to read forums/come to the message boards than study a user manual. esp given that i live with constant debilitating migraines!. & i have emailed lexmark about it!.

bowla3, Apr 6, 12:06am
Try this place.*

gdnshack, Apr 6, 2:47am
I don't know how yours is set up, but I access mine thru the computer - control panel, devices and printers - that takes you into the ink menu, there will be something in there that allows you to turn off the colour.I find with mine that every time I print something a pop up tells me that it will only print in black and is that "OK" and I have to click yes, bit of a pain, but it saves money by not using colour.

deathmetal, Apr 6, 4:56am
i did that and its still saying i have an unsupported cartridge!!

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