Wireless printer

marlin9, Apr 5, 5:02am
Thinking about getting one of these as have laptop and desk computer.Saw Brother one at Office Max does copy/fax/print/scan.Are these easy for an 'oldie' to set up - like just plug in and away you go!.Advise please.sad I see drspy gone as he was great at helping put an 'oldie'

vaska1, Apr 5, 5:11am
I'm an oldie and I managed to follow the instructions easily a couple of months ago!

markie4, Apr 5, 5:16am
Not difficult, they usually come with a simple (step by step) set-up sheet and disc. Make sure both your laptop and desktop have wifi, if not these printers usually dont come with the cable you'll need.

wombatunder, Apr 5, 8:05am
Actually, a "wireless" printer is usually one that comes with wireless *capability* but can connect to your desktop computer via a regular USB cable.Then, you just have your desktop share the printer with the network.If the lappy is communicating with the network (wirelessly or not) it can access the printer through the desktop.
As markie said, to be wireless-only, both the desktop and the lappy would need to have wireless adaptors and, of course, you would have to have a wireless-capable router, either built in to your Internet modem or as an attached wireless access point.

spyware, Apr 5, 8:15am
Wireless connection typically refers to infrastructure connection between access point/router and the printer. Other devices can connect to the network, and send print jobs to printer, by cable or wireless.

Adhoc wireless (no acccess point or router involved) direct connections between printer and computer are possible but not typical to do this.

wellystretch, Apr 5, 8:20am
You don't NEED to have a wireless router to use the printer though, for example we have our printer connected to desktop PC via USB cable, and I connect to it via wireless from my laptop.

marlin9, Apr 5, 9:27am
Okay i have wireless router with desktop computer - and can use the lappie in another room using same connection so it seems that buying the printer is something i should do.iam going away but will get it before moth end and set it up, hopefully all on my own otherwise have a family friend who will come visit - he helped with wireless router.

wellystretch, Apr 5, 9:39am
Perfect. We share the router with four others so we just use an ad-hoc connection, obviously you don't need to worry about that.

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