VPN help

hi everyone . i have a netgear prosafe vpn firewall ( fvs114 ) main comp is win xp - i have another desktop that gets used from time to time - also win xp . and a laptop - Vista

Telecom have just given me a static IP . ive tryed to set up the vpn but it gets a lil confusing and then the vpn spits out " error " , have tryed google but thats just as confusing- has anyone set one up before and how did it work for you , or would i be better off getting a tech to have a look !

geek_trade_menow, Apr 4, 11:28 am

so no help then !

geek_trade_menow, Apr 4, 2:00 pm

Need some details on the error, have you set up VPN on the firewall, where is the error coming from! Firewall, remote client etc! PPTP, ipsec etc.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Apr 4, 6:40 pm

You need to tell us EXACTLY what the error is

geek_jcmp21, Apr 4, 6:42 pm

what is your network setup! e.g. Internet(Modem) > Firewall > Router > Hub > PC or!

geek_zrawnsley, Apr 4, 6:42 pm