Printer Help AGAIN please.

ribena1, Apr 2, 12:04am
sorry me again, so I purchased this Canon Pixma MP280, downloaded the drivers etc installed, turned printer on but it still is flashing that the cartridges are empty, they are not as I've put two new ones in and when I try to print it just says they are empty and cancel printing, anyone have any ideas on what I can do please! Thanks

gecko100, Apr 2, 12:36am
Could it be your "chips" in your ink cartridges are faulty!I know this happend to me, although I don't have the exact same model of printer.

ribena1, Apr 2, 12:48am
Hi Gecko, thanks for your email.To be honest its probably all over our heads, we are not that computer savvy so I don't really know what to do from here.Oh well, might just chuck the printer back on Trade Me as we have survived this long without one!

lilyfield, Apr 2, 12:53am
are they brand new cartridges or refilled (exchange) ones!
exchanged ones can have damaged contacts
sometimes it helps to wipe the contacts with alcohol

ribena1, Apr 2, 1:38am
They are refilled exchange ones.

gecko100, Apr 2, 1:46am
The ink cartridge I had trouble with was a refilled exchange one also.

hakatere1, Apr 2, 1:50am
So, it's stuffed, so you're going to auction it off on tm! Throw it in the bin. Why rip someone else!

effcee1, Apr 2, 1:56am
Dont think it is the printer it will be the refill cartridges, when ever i get mine refilled there is a note attatched saying that the printer may not show them as being full. Sugest you ring up the peoplr where you got them refilled from and they might be able to walk you through how to go about fixing the problem.

biggal, Apr 2, 2:01am
I would be interested to know who filled your cartridges and have you used the outfit before!

lythande1, Apr 2, 2:25am
You're going to toss a printer cause your cartridges are rejected! Geez, what the hell do you do when your car runs out of petrol! Buy a new one!

ribena1, Apr 2, 2:28am
i got them at Cartridge World.I think the printer works fine I just can't get it to work on our computer, maybe the computer is too old!It just seems more hassle than its worth.

drsr, Apr 2, 3:12am
The printer driver will let you continue printing even if it thinks it's out of ink:

This sets a flag in the printer and voids your warranty, and you will have to check ink levels manually, but printing should work fine. Alternatively you can buy auto-reset chips or a chip resetter for the cartridges on eBay.

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