Small business computer set up

gabbysnana, Apr 1, 8:29am
welcome suggestions and opinions on going about buying three computers networked for a small business (office)(do i need a server!). The offices I am leasing are all wired and ready to go. suggestions of brands to consider.

jcmp21, Apr 1, 8:37am
It would depend on the kind of functions etc you will be needing them for.

r.g.nixon, Apr 1, 8:38am
We never bothered with a server - and that was with four staff. A small NAS would be useful - basically looks like a large HDD (but has a small computer system) on your network that stays running for sharing of files.

henry284, Apr 1, 8:41am
+1 Defiantly suggest this action.

henry284, Apr 1, 8:42am
make sure you have a sturdy backup system installed. So we dont have to remind you in the next couple of years.

jcmp21, Apr 1, 8:53am
This is also very good for centralisation of files and means backups are more straight forward.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 1, 11:37am
Give a run down of what your business is, how many work there, what IT services you need IE email, job tracking, stock management, remote access etc etc. This will give you an idea, but the do I need a server question is really one to be put forward to someone who specializes in small business IT rather than a message board.

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