Connecte with limited access - what is this?

we have two laptops here that both run wirelessly off of a thomson 5a1900, the wireless modem that telceom supplied, my laptop runs windows 7 and the kids one is vista, the kids one was furthest away from the modem and wen they turned there compouter on they foreer have to restart the modem and check for problems to get there to connect to the internet, otherwise its ALWAYS limited access. where my compter is normally fine, anyway todaty the kids bought there laptop in and its now sitting next to modem, BUT the net keeps going to LIMITED ACCESS for both of us and needs restarting, whats up with that!

geek_jacqui248, Apr 1, 2:27 pm

don't know, but this will put you on top of page some one might see it. good luck

geek_tradenow100, Apr 1, 7:30 pm

Contact telecom. those routers are sh*t

geek_henry284, Apr 1, 7:31 pm

Could be interference from something causing the wifi to drop. It doesnt sound like its a modem problem, sounds more like it is a wifi problem.

geek_ferita, Apr 1, 7:45 pm

It happens with basically all "Thompson" Modems.

geek_henry284, Apr 1, 7:46 pm

really! well that DUM

geek_jacqui248, Apr 1, 8:39 pm

They are cheapies.

geek_henry284, Apr 1, 8:40 pm