What inkjet printer is ecomicle to use- cost wise

rayj, Mar 31, 9:23pm
I have a Canon Multi use MP270 and it costs $80 to refill
the 2 ink cartridges every couple of months.
I have been buying the largers ones also but they don't seem to last either.
I have tried to use refilled ones but the printer donen't seem to want to reconize them.
I have tried HP, Epson and they all cost heaps to refill.
Only helpfull sugestions please and no crap

ceebee2, Mar 31, 9:42pm
They are all much of a muchness, I have found the more ink tanks the longer they last. The ones with "Bi, Tri" tanks are very uneconomic as when only one colour runs low / out you have to replace it and waste the ink thats left.
The cost between individual tanks and the multi- integral tanks is similar for the set.

lilyfield, Mar 31, 10:09pm
I have set my printer to black only and refill my own

gdnshack, Mar 31, 10:12pm
I'm beginning to wish I had one of those with separate colours, I thought they would work out more expensive, but it makes more sense to have these, especially when our local "Second Image" shop sells refills of these but they don't have cheap refills of the multicolour one.I could go to Cartridge World and get a multicolour for about $22, but you have to give your old cartridge to them and you get a second hand one back - and I've heard sometime they don't work because the elements on the back can be damaged.

gdnshack, Mar 31, 10:14pm
Same here - I have it set to black only but one good thing, the black ink lasts for months because I have it set on the lightest ink setting.

lilyfield, Mar 31, 10:49pm
and only ever print out what is absolutely necessary.

vtecintegra, Mar 31, 10:53pm
Buy a cheap black and white laser for text stuff and print your photos and stuff at Harvey Norman/The Warehouse/wherever is cheapest

Ink jet printers are always expensive to run

gdnshack, Mar 31, 11:32pm
That's true, but not too bad if you just have a few photos to print and personally I think the quality of the photos printed out on my inkjet (when I used to use colour) are better than Harvey Norman's ones.I saw the photos my father-in-law got printed there and they weren't that good.They just looked bland.Also why would Harvey Norman use good quality ink anyway. There would be no profit in that.

drcspy, Mar 31, 11:34pm
just fill the tanks yourself it's very cheap if you do it right.cost me about $50 for 3-4 years worth of ink

lythande1, Mar 31, 11:52pm
Epson T40w - look at the number of pages per cartridge before you buy a printer, Should be no less than 1000, and be cheapish cartridges.

mariner26, Mar 31, 11:58pm
Hay Ray - shop around for your ink supplies.
Eg - Computer Food (www.consumables.co.nz) sells online as follows:-
Colour$33Hi-Yield Colour$37
Twin Pack (Black and Colour)$52
Try that - much bettre than $80 !

Or, dump the inkjet and get a cheapie - but brand name - B/W Laser.

verdia, Apr 8, 12:48am
Buy a cheap laser for text and get your cartridges refilled at Cartridge World.
Ink is how printer companies make their money.

myself001, Apr 8, 12:58am
We bought a cheap laser one for black, only use the colour one if we have to and for scanning to save.

little_egypt, Apr 8, 1:04am
Most economical printer for average amounts of printing is "someone else's laserjet" . even if it's stationary warehouse, you just pay for what you need by the page and let them worry about the big capital outlay, toner, maintenance, etc. It might seem more expensive when you're paying by the page but I'm pretty sure it's still cheaper than keeping an inkjet running.

lilyfield, Apr 8, 2:03am
so true little egypt

vtecintegra, Apr 8, 2:18am
Its going to vary store to store but they have the gear to do much better photos than a cheap consumer grade inkjet.

There are also camera stores that provide the same service and are often run by more competent people.

tonyrockyhorror, Apr 8, 4:51am
I got a MFC6490CW A3 multifunction late last year. It's done 1000 pages of text & colour A3 prints now and just about on it's first set of replacement cartridges (gaugue is reading low). Genuine they're about $60 each and there are 4. Or about $75 a set from Inkvenus for aftermarket.

nzmu, Apr 8, 5:02am
HP 6500/7500/8500 series. They have been produced for office use. Speed and consumables are comparable to laser. Don't waste your money on $100 machines if you want economy. A decent machine will cost more. The print quality is crisp for documents and they offer a range of features over the cheaper models.

tonyrockyhorror, Apr 8, 5:14am
Oh, I got a new HP CP1525NW Colour Laser for $230 a few weeks back too. Wireless, networkable. Does a nice print on 120gsm paper.

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