Buying a 2nd hand computer vs new

feebee10, Mar 22, 8:03pm
wanting to get a very basic computer for home use, i have been quoted for a good brand 2nd hand refurbished one from a computer store, are you better to go with one or buy a cheap new note book! any one had a refurbished one! how do you know what you are getting with a refurbished one!

shaun16, Mar 22, 8:20pm
nothing wrong with secondhand especially from a store as they should look after you better if somthing goes wrong. whay you would buy secondhand i dont really know though as new computers are fairly cheap anyway. what sort of price is the secondhand one!

feebee10, Mar 22, 8:27pm
$450 for a hp dv6 1222ax!

shaun16, Mar 22, 8:30pm
i wouldnt pay that personally for a used one. others may though. i have bought 2 refurbished computers and both look and perform exactly like new ones. so in my opinion they are all good

nobles, Mar 22, 8:44pm
If you budget $200.00 & look at what is available on TM you can't really go wrong.

feebee10, Mar 22, 9:22pm
dont really want to buy off here i dont know enough about them so dont really dont know what i'm looking for.

hakatere1, Mar 22, 10:47pm
Wise choice. Why buy someone else's rubbish! I'd buy new, either Toshiba, or Asus. Don't get sucked into extended warranty though.You are covered for the extended time buy cga anyway (not for damage you caused though).

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