New DVD Recorder - Causing TV Interference

hazel26, Jun 19, 9:51am
New DVD Recorder - Causing TV Interference Frustrated! Just brought a Transonic TC2058DR DVD Writer with 80GB hard-drive for the partner. We've wired it up, sat it in the TV cabinet beneath the TV, and it's causing some kind of interference creating constant left-to-right diagonal disturbances when viewing standard TV. Now do understand, we've troubleshooted, and pinpointed it to be some kind of radiation from the unit causing the disturbance (much like when you turn a vacuum cleaner on). When we turn the unit off, the disturbance disappears. If we move the DVD unit AWAY from the TV, the disturbance once again disappears. It's like the PSU is generating some kind of interference with the TV - can't understand it. Any suggestions/logical explanation?

kingzzz, Jun 19, 9:57am
Dont think you can do anything about it really.. maybe swap it for a different unit. can you confirm something, while the dvd recorder is on is there only disturbance when you are watch free to air tv, IE with the aerial or does it disrupt the tv always regardless of what you watch

hazel26, Jun 19, 9:58am
Thats a good pointWhen we watch a DVD through the unit, it's crystal clear. Argh, mind boggling!

litldevil, Jun 19, 10:40am
A possible cause is that your tv signal is going thru yet another tuner. each unit that the signal goes thru can possibly de-grade its quality.

lanternfish, Jun 19, 10:45am
Does sound like the Switch Mode Power Supply is radiating enough rubbish to affect the tuner. Take it back and get the store to try it on one of their TV's.

domiqe1, Jun 19, 6:21pm
Take it back, get a refund and then buy a decent branded dvd recorder, buying cheapies is troublesome

gyrogearloose, Jun 19, 11:37pm
Presuming that the Transonic has a UHF input and output, it's possible that the UHF output is tuned to a channel that is causing interferance with something else, probably the Sky UHF output. This may be regardless of whether you are using the UHF output from the DVD or not. Go into the DVD options menu and look for an option to change the UHF output channel. Change it to a different value (you may need to experiment to find a value that gives no interference with any of the TV channels or Sky channels). The Sky box has a similar menu where you can set the UHF output channel. A second possible cause is that one of the UHF plugs has become loose during the install, try wiggling each plug to check, then unscrew that one and clean up the wiring inside.

pletcherbgc, Jun 10, 2:57pm
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