IWeb upload difficulty-any advice appreciated

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 5:19am
please.I've made myself a bright new shiny website (fantastically easy), and in uploading it to S/sh*t, I seem to be getting folders into the public folder, where I really need individual items.The folder thing is apparently how iweb does its uploading, so. 1. does anyone know how to get around this ! . I've just downloaded Cyberduck, which may help . and 2. any advice on hosts that will work with iWeb, easily! looking at Mobile Me free trial, but I think that that is going to give me a whole lot of other words and slashes, etc, in my URL . defeats the seamless www."myname".co.nzof my site .thanking you :)

mrsdoobercoons, Mar 21, 5:53am
We've done a site with iWeb that's hosted through Telecom.It took a while to get my head around the folder aspect of iWeb too, but that's how it works,so you have to live with that.If you name the folder appropriately, it's not to noticeable.Your "seamless" url will still take you to the folder.Have a look at our site, www.silverferngallery.co.nzand you'll see how it works for us.

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 6:41am
oh gee thanks for that . beautiful site you've done there. I chose the black background too :) The trouble is that SS can't/isn't allowing access the info in the folder (in the folder) in my public access, so my website is bombing :(. if that could happen, then the (un)seamless bit I can work with

mrsdoobercoons, Mar 21, 8:20am
It might pay to get onto SS and check that you have the upload address correct, that one caught me out.Once I got that figured it was sweet.

Good luck with it, iWeb makes maintaining your site really simple and I was surprised how well it all worked.

rahto, Mar 21, 9:10am
Don't go for Mobile Me, they're shutting that all down with iCloud (and hence not hosting any more sites - you'd have to do it through FTP).


mattnzw, Mar 21, 10:12am
The host should be able to help you, or have uploading instructions for iweb. If not, switch to one that helps with supporting it. I think you can also use webdav for uploading it with.
APple are phasing out mobile me and iweb, so it is going the way of microsoft frontpage. These days, hosted CMS websites are what people are building their websites with.

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 10:22am
Thanks . spent ages with the SS techs, trying to get the right combination to access my public folder . it didn't come easy to them at all .3 techs later, I got the bu*srush, and was feeling like throwing the whole lot in.The folders, within the folders were their reason for it not working. Are you able to access your public folder MrsD ! . has it got the master iweb folders within it, or just a whole lot of individual files . oh I thought this would be soooo easy . and I know I'm not thick .lol !

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 10:24am
Thanks for that rahto . I'm a GoDaddy girl, and I was starting to think about going off to see what they could do for me .

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 10:28am
gee, feel thick now. what/who/where do I get a CMS website M. !

pipilongstockng, Mar 21, 10:32am
Oh .should just say, I downloaded "Yummy", which let me take all of the items out of the uploaded folders, and now I just have straight items in the public folder.Decided to leave things overnight, after once again clearing the cache, and hope that things might be functioning in the morning. .

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