IPad 2 3G Problem

michaelqian, Mar 19, 11:06am
Hi all. I'm in Oz and my parents in NZ is having problems with 3G on their iPad 2. First of all Safari was totally frozen, but I managed to help them solve this via Skype. I had to reset the network settings. Safari is now working normal, but 3G still isn't working. I'm wondering, by resetting the network settings, do I need to setup 3G again with 2 degrees! I'm thinking that the SIM does not need to be taken out and put into a cellphone, but they do need to re-enter the APN settings. Would this be right! Now when they try to browse on 3G, nothings shows up, and the web address of any website is an IP address. Or could it be a 3G problem with 2 degrees themselves by any chance! Thanks for any help.

fingerscrossed2, Mar 19, 12:24pm
its posible its 2degrees ntworking not giving 3G in there area tell them to have awee drive around and see if the 3G pops up while there out and about the APN settings can be found at http://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/settings good luck.

2degreescare, Mar 20, 4:27am
Get your parents to set the APN to internet and then tap 'Cellular Data' at the top to save the settings. If they're still having problems, they can call the 2degrees Data Team for help on 0800 022 022. Press option 1 and then option 3 and the Data Team will help walk them through the settings. ^SB

michaelqian, Mar 20, 8:43am
Thanks for the tips. We followed these instructions but unfortunately it is still not working. If we can't solve it by tomorrow I might just get them to take it to a 2 Degrees store and the guys these will probably be able to solve it in a few minutes. It's obviously a bit harder for me as I'm not physically there.

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