Question about HP printer

tebb, Mar 18, 7:24am
I have an HP psc 1210 all in one printer

But i cant get it to work on my computer.we have windows 7.i have tried googling but cant find anything to help.

my computer wont even pick up that its contected via the usb port

wombatunder, Mar 18, 7:30am

drcspy, Mar 18, 7:30am
try a different port
try a different cable
try it on a different computer

tebb, Mar 18, 7:31am
yeap got as far as step two where it told me that the downloadable driver was unavaliable

tebb, Mar 18, 7:32am
it tells me that windows 7 should already have it and be reading it.but its not

tebb, Mar 18, 7:33am
works fine on xp or 2000 just not windows 7

gj, Mar 18, 8:06am
Have you followed the HP procedure (what to do if drivers won't install) here!

tebb, Mar 18, 8:09am
gotten the drivers to install but now the machine wont print.just keeps flinging the paper through.think i might just spend the $70 and buy a new printer

gj, Mar 18, 8:51am
New HP1050 all-in-one available for under $45 but you only get what you pay for in the end. Good luck.

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