Microsoft Outlook Express 6 - 2 questions.

chris160179, Mar 17, 9:20am
Anyone know if it's possible to set up an auto-reply function!

And how do I set up a "signature" to come up when I compose an email from a particular address!


little_egypt, Mar 17, 9:28am
1) You don't set up auto reply in the client, you do it on the server.


michellew2k, Mar 17, 9:38am
isnt outlook express a bit old school - think MS have even stopped supporting it

chris160179, Mar 17, 9:38am
And by server you mean domain host!Sorry, I'm clueless about this stuff!

chris160179, Mar 17, 9:53am
Nevermind.Worked it out.Cheers.

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