Recovering contacts on HTC Wildfire

zak410, Mar 15, 10:07am
After syncing to gmail, all contacts are gone!

Has anyone had the same experience and managed to restore their contacts!
Common enough problem it seems from google but the solution still elude us. Cheers.

zak410, Mar 16, 5:15am
I tried with recuva, but only found pictures,
where would the contacts be hiding !
and is there better free recovery program for mobile phone then recuva !

little_egypt, Mar 16, 8:51pm
That's odd. If the contacts were not associated with a google account they should not have been deleted, they should still be there along with whatever contacts were picked up from the google login. Perhaps now you've got it set to only show the google contacts!

If you deleted them from the google account on your computer and then synced, they will have been deleted from the phone as well. That's what 'sync' means.

Otherwise no recovery program is going to find them; they're stored in the phone's memory (not the memory card that recuva can work with) and as a database, not even a file.

zak410, Mar 16, 9:09pm
The contacts (phone # and names) were on my friend's new phone, he synced to gmail and FB, then all contacts on the phone are gone, except for the FB contacts, and no contact on gmail.
(Not too much of a drama as contacts are still in an older phone.but in another town)
The same thing happened to lots of people, some google employees included !
We haven??

caroline22, Sep 9, 2:33am
To recover deleted contacts from rooted HTC phones, first you need to install and run the recovery software-- iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery on computer. Then you can follow the instruction on it to complete your recovery. You can learn more from:

guest, Dec 1, 10:28am
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guest, Dec 2, 2:20am
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mr., Jun 19, 10:34am
I lost my contact number

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