Advice on upgrading desktop computer. (long)

a2znz, Mar 15, 4:41am
I have a desktop computer with the following specs:

AMD Athlonx64 3500+ 939 Pin Box with fan
Asustek A8N5X Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64FX
Seagate 200GB 7200 8MB ATA100 HDD
Seagate 200GB 7200 Serial ATA150 HDD
Samsung 16x DVD Writer
4 x 512MB DDR400 PC3200 Legend
1.44MB Floppy Drive
Chantek 128MB nVidia 6600GT PCI-E Video
180W Multimedia Speaker

I've had this computer for about six years and for the last 4+ years have been running LinuxMint without problems.

I now wish to uprgrade and seeking the combined wisdom of members as to how far I should go.

Because of the good run I've had with Asutek, AMD and nVidia my inclination is to keep with those brands.However, I'm open to suggestions.

vtecintegra, Mar 15, 4:51am
What do you want to use the PC for!

If you aren't gaming (and you won't be on Linux) there isn't any point in spending much on a graphics card, and unless you are doing really heavy stuff like video encoding something like the most basic Core i3 is going to be more than adequate.

lostdude, Mar 15, 4:52am
Budget!, Mar 15, 4:52am
Hello, first off what's your budget!

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 4:58am
If not a 'gamer', something like!partid=16407 plus Intel 40GB SSD + DVD + case/psu and build. (Have just ordered for work today).

drcspy, Mar 15, 5:41am
hm.hows linux gonna handle trim !
does it !

lugee, Mar 15, 6:17am
Yes. since 2.6.33.

fordcrzy, Mar 15, 6:50am
dump the lot and buy new stuff. maybe keep the case and the dvd drive if its a sata drive, if not bin that too. none of that stuff is any good anymore.
get a new intel i3 system built up. good cheap reliable.

babcorp, Mar 15, 7:30am
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

fordcrzy, Mar 15, 7:56am
my mum had almost the same system. it was noisey and used bucket loads of power. It was slow and BARELY ran windows aero. it needed a sound card for windows seven and was just generally crap for a modern PC. her new intel i3 system is faster, quieter, and uses less power.

lythande1, Mar 15, 5:44pm
It doesn't need upgrading for Linux.
Still, if you have to. I chnage parts in mine when needed. However mines for gaming so it does need it it often.
What do you need! Just change that. More storage! Faster CPU! The major upgrade is always CPU - cause it's generally motherboard, CPU and RAM in one go.
o reason to replace the whole thing though, do it bits at a time - let it evolve.

directorylist, Mar 15, 11:15pm
For things like video encoding if you go Intel you dont need a fancy video card. Intel® Quick Sync Video is smoking fast, even on the i3-2100

directorylist, Mar 15, 11:39pm
Two basic questions.

What do you want to do!
How much do you want to spend!

aslan2, Mar 16, 6:11am
sell urs on TM for $200 and put towards an i3-2100

directorylist, Mar 16, 10:20am
If you dont want anything too expensive and your requirements arent too taxing. I just built up 2 AMD A4-3400 systems one for my Mum and another for a guy at work

ASUS F1A55 Motherboard
A4-3400 Dual core 2.7Ghz with an HD6410D graphics on chip
4Gb DDR3-1333
~$250 delivered.

Performs quite well i have to admit, it surprised me. And sooooo cheap

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