Windows server to run parallel to linux system.

karey1, Mar 14, 9:18pm
I've been tasked with finding a solution.We use a linux server through a third party company.Due to the nature of our business we need windows.Obviously, the linux fans hate that we use windows but it is what it is.

We need to be able to host a programme for external use.It is a windows based programme which needs IIS and it's all come unstuck at this point.

I've been told now "Find a solution or find a server".We need a server that can handle 100 per hour (probably never reach that, but.), that can be run parallel to the linux system, or a server to take over everything.

Can someone give me some straight forward information for what I should be looking for please.

And, no, I'm not thrilled to be doing this.

Thanking you in anticipation. :)

vtecintegra, Mar 14, 9:25pm
Not quite sure what you mean by 'can be run parallel to the linux system'. Anything can run in parallel to anything else.

If the third party you are currently using doesn't offer Windows hosting then its probably easiest to look for a company that offers both.

karey1, Mar 14, 9:34pm
Thanks. :)I don't think we actually 'need' the linux.I'll approach a couple of hosts and see what they can offer.

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