ReadyNas and media center setup advice please

john.s, Mar 13, 11:28pm
I have the samsung bd-c5500 bluray player connected hdmi to the LCD 42'. The media disply shows all the source options- eg, dvd, usb, internet, and any file on the front usb plays ok.
I have just set up a new Netgear ReadyNas Duo V2 (2TB),and connected it to the 1gig network. It is DLNA certified.
The file structure (shared) is media\music, media\pictures, media\videos - as per out of the box.
The NAS is seen on all network P.C's, and all folders, subfolders and content are shown and can be played.
The BRplayer sees the NAS on the network but on access it shows options of music, videos, photos.
1 - I created sub folders under Music (audio & video). The BR shows the "audio" folder and plays the MP3'S, but dosent show the "video" folder or it's contents.

2 - I created sub folders under Videos (general movies, Kids movies, adult movies). When "Videos" selected on the BR, it brings up just one folder called "folders". When this selected, it shows all the "kids movies", and can play them. There is another folder displayed called "(null)".
When his selected, it takes me to the "adult movies" folder. When this selected, it displays SOME of the content - but will not play any (unsupported file format).

john.s, Mar 13, 11:34pm
So, is this a NASor BR player issue!
Do I need to also have a media centre player to get this to work!
I have searched through the online forums and now totally confused.

Any help appreciated :)

cybertao, Mar 14, 12:18am
It sounds like more of a DLNA issue, perhaps just a configuration one.
It makes sense for the video not to show up when you select the Audio 'folder' because DLNA can represent the content according to the type and even tags in it (such as seeing music by artist or album), basically ignoring physical folder structure unless you explicitly select to browse folders.Even then it will ignore irrelevant content when looking at Video or Audio.

Or it might just need a little time.DLNA servers index everything and that might take a while on the first start.

guest, Aug 3, 7:17am
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guest, Aug 4, 11:01pm
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