Wireless n150 usb adapter please help!

have been trying to set it up on my other computer , it finds the computer with the router but it keeps asking for network key, on the bottom of the router it says network key but that doesn't work have looked into router connection info but the password in there doesn't work either, can anyone help! the router i have is a netgear N150 wireless modem routerif anyone can help that would be awesome. thanks

geek_lisa_marie40, Mar 14, 1:39 pm

I'm guessing the network key on the label underneath the router is what it is when it comes out of the box. Would anyone in your house have changed it! If yes, then that is why you cannot connect, you don't have the correct network key .

geek_lucky.gadgets, Mar 14, 2:03 pm

no no one has changed it, and have tried that key it wont work

geek_lisa_marie40, Mar 14, 2:27 pm

Don't know if it helps but those keys are case sensitive. Well mine isanyway.

geek_namtak, Mar 14, 3:34 pm

na checked that and its all lowercase.

geek_lisa_marie40, Mar 14, 4:20 pm