How do I reduce the KB size of a doc in Adobe

Please - trying to attach a scanned document to an online competition where requirement size is under 500kb size pic and I cant figure out how to do this.argggghh.thks :-)

geek_hhb, Mar 14, 12:19 pm

Are they expecting a photograph! If so you'll want to scan to a .jpeg file rather than pdf

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 14, 12:23 pm

.no, its a power bill! argghhh Radio Live are "paying your bills" have been trying to attach this %^#%power bill once i've scanned it on my Cannon printer/scanner, to their web page and it wont accept anythinng over 500kb, it's just one bill, one page, usual looking power bill and I cant figure it out, this competition ends Friday! argghhhhh soooooo annoying.hate to admit it, but trying to figure it out since Friday.on and off obv. me duh. :-(

geek_hhb, Mar 14, 12:28 pm

Does your printer scan directly to pdf! Or some other format first!

geek_lostdude, Mar 14, 12:42 pm


geek_hhb, Mar 14, 12:49 pm

jpeg is better, you have more options to resize/resample it afterwards.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 14, 1:02 pm

ok will look at

geek_hhb, Mar 14, 1:04 pm

And scan at 150dpi to keep the size down too.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 14, 1:06 pm

Thank G.d - FINALLY got it sorted - cheers for your help did it as jpeg, recduced dpi on printer and all good Thxxx :-)

geek_hhb, Mar 14, 1:24 pm