VDSL2 access

mariner26, Mar 9, 9:04pm
According to the Chorus site my area is seviced by a Cabinet that has fibre connected to it from the exchange. Chorus say that if I am closer than 2km to that cabinet I may get VDSL2 speeds up to 50Mbps. I am 100 metres from the new fibre enabled cabinet.
At present I have an ADSL2 modem/router that runs at around 10Mbps (taken from the modem status screen).
I note that VDSL2 modem/routers are available for purchase (even via T/Me). Does that mean that if I buy and install a VDSL2 modem/router I shall receive much faster boradband - ie better than 10Mbps and up to 50Mbps!
I have a data cap with my ISP (but can buy more if I run out in any montly period) but no cap on speed. So, would I enjoy faster speeds with a VDSL2 device - or is this just a bit of a naive question!

mm12345, Mar 9, 9:20pm
You'd need to sign up to a VDSL plan with your ISP, or change ISPs.
We've also got a VDSL cabinet about 100m way.When they upgraded the cabinet to VDSL, they must have also tweaked the ADSL2+, as our d/l speed jumped from typically <5mbps to>12mbps.VDSL could be 100mbps, but might be less, and d/l speeds are affected by more than local connectivity, plus the VDSL services are very expensive.
It would be great to be able to trial it - to see how well it works, but I'm not prepared to pay the $$$ for a VDSL modem, and the $$$ for a plan from an ISP, only to find out that improvement may be marginal.I suggest to wait and see.

mariner26, Mar 9, 10:12pm
Thanks Mark.

Maybe just wait and see. Was just musing after having a read of the Chorus site and seeing their notes re VDSL2 versus ADSL2 and realising I was in VDSL2 area.

spyware, Mar 10, 9:32am
If you do nothing you'll never have the service so will be waiting for nothing. If you have a correctly functioning adsl2+ service at 100 metres you should sync at nearly 20 Mbps. VDSL2 at 100 metres will definitely sync at 50 Mbps and VDSL2 can provide 100 Mbps down/50 up at that distance but would need a profile change that isn't done automatically. A master splitter filter installed at demarc is a requirement of all VDSL2 installs. Attenuation at 100 metres should be around 2 dB or so. VDSL plans are hardly expensive, maybe $50 more than adsl equivalent plan or cheaper.

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