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r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 1:43am
Put a DVD with movies or data into the drive. Does it show now!

swivel, Mar 9, 1:43am
is the external DVD drive new, Put a disk in !

lostdude, Mar 9, 4:26am
Try restarting your PC.

chnman, Mar 9, 4:41am

lostdude, Mar 9, 5:15am
You don't, just give it another letter.

chnman, Mar 9, 6:23am
Did you run the troubleshooter for Win 7 in the link provided in post #7!

Have you unplugged the external DVD drive, then restarted computer, then once booted back into Windows, reinsert the external DVD drive via USB cable! Then wait a few mins then see if it shows up.

chnman, Mar 9, 6:45am
After doing that, did you try removing ext dvd drive, restart computer, then re-connect!

chnman, Mar 9, 7:10am
Drive D is Android. In the image you put up, it says "A".

chnman, Mar 9, 7:49am
Does it give any "more info" links or anything!

chnman, Mar 9, 7:55am
Maybe try these.

Make sure the external dvd drive is plugged into computer, and that it is turned on (it might have an on/off switch on the rear). Then go into Computer Management (click start, in search box type computer management), then click on "Disk Management" (under Storage). Then at top where it says File/Action/View/Help, select "Action", then "Rescan Disks". See if anything comes up.

wellystretch, Mar 9, 8:49am
I was just looking at the pic in the auction that you posted and it had a driver CD/DVD, seems a little odd being that most people would buy the product because they don't have a cd/dvd drive lol.

As for your issue, have you tried using the drive in any of your other USB ports or from another computer!

chnman, Mar 9, 9:04am

Some USB powered drives have problems in SOME computers, as mentioned in above. Though you did say device was installed earlier, so I don't know.just thought I'd let you read it.

chnman, Mar 9, 9:16am
What is the model number of the Acer! I assume it is a "Netbook".

lostdude, Mar 9, 9:49am
In disk management there are 2 panes. The top pane shows only disk drives, no optical drives will be listed there. Check the bottom half of the pane. It will be listed if it's detected which should look like this:

DVD (E:)
No Media

If there is no letter - e.g. (E:) - associated with it, right click & assign it one.

Right click CD-ROM 0 then click "Change drive letter and paths"

chnman, Mar 9, 9:50am
What happens if you remove the Android, then connect external dvd drive!

chnman, Mar 9, 9:51am
See posts #27 and 28.

lostdude, Mar 9, 9:55am
Oh well, its not even detected. OP, hold Windows Key + R, type devmgmt.msc then post a screenshot

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:13am
Yup nothing, have you tried installing the drivers that it came with!

chnman, Mar 9, 10:17am
Maybe I'm on the wrong track it the Android OS that was preinstalled, or something like an Android phone! It probably is the forget what I said.(about removing).

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:23am
haha true that. Do you have another working computer you can copy the driver cd onto a flash drive with, then transfer over to that one!

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:31am
Ok, have you tried another USB port! The only other thing I can think of is not enough juice supplied from your laptop's USB. A powered USB hub will fix that but the only way to know is if you try another device which has a similar power draw. Know anybody with a 2.5" external HDD! Or know anybody with a PC that you can test that drive with! That will eliminate whether it's the drive or your laptop.

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:38am
Your 2TB drive will be powered anyway. If you've tried it through the powered USB hub & still nothing then it will have to be either something wrong with the drive or it requires some propriety drivers.

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:39am
Wow, that could've been useful way back then. That error is very common and usually a direct result of a bad cable. Try a different USB cable.

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:43am
So it works now!

lostdude, Mar 9, 10:46am
damn. thought you got it working since most manuals are usually supplied in the CD. Anyway, since you've exhausted nearly every other possibility you can do for now, the last things you can try is to get the seller to email you the drivers and/or try it on another computer.

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