Any acer aspire one brains out there

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 9:21am
Nothing plugged in like a memory stick / thumb drive!

jazzys, Mar 8, 9:37am
Under the note book you will see a little 'pin hole' , it is a reset button , try that.

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 9:50am
Other stuff! That could be interesting.

chnman, Mar 8, 10:40am

enigma, Mar 8, 10:44am
Daughter has Aspire One and what a piece of crap the netbook and Acer turned out to be. Her HDD died - the whole thing would start up, get to Windows loading screen, then blink the BSOD and restart. The hidden restore partition wouldn't work, it wouldn't allow any alternative Windows installation either. So after running out of options my daughter rang Acer and after much to-ing and fro-ing they agreed to have it repaired. 2 weeks into repairs they advised her the HDD died (NOOOO, REALLY!) and it will be replaced. Finally they told her it's ready to go and she received it on Tuesday. UNTOUCHED. As in, according to accompanying papers the HDD has been replaced, but it arrived in the same state it left.

enigma, Mar 8, 10:54am
It's a general reboot message 'remove any disks and press any key to restart', doesn't mean there us anything else connected or you need to do anything else. I suspect your HDD is a goner too. Or. the boot sector is damaged. Impossible to provide help without actually seeing what's going on, sorry.

zaowl, Mar 8, 10:54am
Sounds like the Toshiba hard drive has failed.

enigma, Mar 8, 10:54am
That is just a boot menu, you can't reboot by pressing those one by one.

enigma, Mar 8, 10:57am
You can try a fresh Windows install through either external cd drive or USB flash drive, BUT you need the Windows disk and a special program to put the install files onto a USB disk and make it bootable. I can recommend a program if you are willing to go there.

enigma, Mar 8, 10:57am
Ring them and see what happens.

enigma, Mar 8, 10:59am
What I want you to try though is press ALT + F10 at the Acer splash screen. That should kick in the restore partition.

enigma, Mar 8, 11:03am
I recommend trying the hidden partition restore, see my post above. If fails, try connecting your external cd drive, going to the BIOS Boot menu and changing booting order to have USB CD-ROM listed on the first place, HDD on the second, press f10, Y and exit. Have your Windows CD inside the cd drive, so when it reboots, proceed to install fresh copy of Windows. There are other options to attempt to repair boot sector etc, but I won't be able to guide you through it all here.

enigma, Mar 8, 11:04am
Don't press and hold, as soon as you see the Acer splash screen, press both and let go. No, I am lying, press them repeatedly a few times. Sorry.

enigma, Mar 8, 11:06am
That's the thing, those buggers don't come with anything other than factory restore partition.

enigma, Mar 8, 11:09am
Anyone you know has a windows disk! What was on the netbook in terms of OS! XP or 7!

enigma, Mar 8, 11:10am
Alright, tell you what, if you can't access the hidden recovery partition, give Acer a call tomorrow. Be firm, see if you can get it repaired for free, if out of warranty you are possibly looking at $150.

drcspy, Mar 8, 4:50pm
before you try accessing the 'hidden restore partition' etc (ah I see you have already) you need to ascertain whether the machine is indeed even recognising theres a hdd in there.when you first start it up I think it'll say on screen something like "press F2 [or DEL or whatever key] to enter setup" .do that and you should be in teh bios screens .look in there to see if it actually lists a harddrive as existing .If so that's promising - if not that may indeed mean the hdd is screwed.Oh and if you need a new'll cost you all of $150 just for the drive let alone the repair.

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 6:49pm
1. is your first IDE Hard Drive.
2. is your second IDE hard drive (maybe that is just a port, no drive attached).

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 6:53pm
So, maybe just the boot sector is corrupt (fixable); or stuffed (not fixable).

r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 10:03pm
There is something called 'backing up' or 'making backups'. is good (free online backup for up to 4GB). Install the program and point it at selected important folders.

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