Iphone help 3g

Hi there my partners iphone is stuck with a snow flake on the screen itunes won't recognise it either any ideas

geek_sneakers23, Feb 26, 9:57 am

Has Snowbreeze been used to jailbreak it!

geek_massived, Feb 26, 10:55 am

as far as i know it has yes

geek_sneakers23, Feb 26, 3:24 pm

Is it an iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS! FIrst step is probably put it in DFU mode and re-jailbreak if 2G or 3G.

geek_massived, Feb 26, 5:50 pm

Its 3g how you put it in dfu mode

geek_sneakers23, Feb 26, 10:29 pm

Google it there are heaps of video's showing how to do it on youtube. Then rejailbreak it using redsn0w.

geek_massived, Feb 27, 8:25 pm

tried that the dfu mode thing it wont get off the bloody snow breeze icon would pulling the battery out help reset it

geek_sneakers23, Mar 5, 8:49 pm

cant answer that but I have read that pulling the battery out of an iphone is pretty much major surgury.good luck

geek_drcspy, Mar 7, 11:38 pm

First you need to be sure it is a 3G and not 3GS.Then follow this guide "http://www.iclarified.co-
m/jailbreak/". It sounds like you need to take it into a store or send it to one of the traders offering this service on Trade Me if you can't work it outyourself from this site. Or ask around your friends or work colleagues and find someone who knows how to jailbreak. Most teenagers are pretty tech smart in this area. It sounds like a simple restore and re-jailbreak issue.

geek_massived, Mar 8, 8:05 am

3g is real simple to pull apart. 2 screws and a suction cap.

geek_malachiman, Mar 8, 6:40 pm

The 4 and 4s are easy, but by the looks you have to remove the main board to get to the battery on the 3G/S, not hard just time consuming and a bit delicate.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 8, 6:51 pm