ADSL2+ upgrade causing problems?

My parents have been having trouble ever since their exchange was upgraded to ADSL2+. They just have a plainADSL router (not2+) and now every night they lose their internet connection and have to turn the router off and on each morning to get it back. Should they buy an ADSL2+ router or is there some other solution! PS the router is in the roof so it is a bit of a pain.

geek_kiwifidget, Mar 8, 4:04 pm

Possibly has something to do with it.

What is the environment like up there! Is it warm and dry!

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 8, 4:09 pm

Its been up there for nearly a year and its only recently become a problem. The environment is fine, not too hot or dusty. The olds did ring Telecom and they mentioned the ADSL2+ upgrade as a possible culprit and tried to hard-sell them a new router at ~$200. Really just wondering if Telecom is pulling their chain or if there is a better solution.

geek_kiwifidget, Mar 8, 4:15 pm

Roof is actually a mezzanine area in the garage. You need to pull down the fold out ladder to get up there. Its the south part of the house and never really gets that warm. Odd location but its how the previous owners had theirs set up, probably so the detached sleepout could get signal as well. They did move the router to a phone jack in the house one night and it still lost connection. It seems to fall over between 3am and 4am.

geek_kiwifidget, Mar 8, 4:40 pm

IF they need a new router they DONT' need to pay smellycon $200 they're MUCH cheaper than that

geek_drcspy, Mar 8, 4:43 pm

This much I do know!, which made me suspicious of Telecon in the first place. Just really scouting for whether there any known issues with running older routers on upgraded exchanges.

geek_kiwifidget, Mar 8, 4:52 pm

If you don't need the ADSL2+ to include wifi, you can pick them up on here for $1 sometimes.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 5:44 pm

Early a.m. disconnections are typically caused by burglar alarms dialing out. If they have an alarm whether monitored or not they need a master/splitter filter installed at demarcation point.

geek_spyware, Mar 8, 6:24 pm