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smoothjazz, Apr 9, 10:42am
Just bought it this afternoon. Didn't open till an hour ago, give it a half an hour charge and pushed the power button and nothing, yeah, absolutely nothing, except the green power light and that's it!, no HDD activity, nothing on screen, not even screen background lighting, plain dead!.
Quite confused, never been in this situation before.
Please, need your advice on what to do next.
Your help appreciated

r.g.nixon, Apr 9, 10:45am
Take it back.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 9, 10:56am
take the battery out and put it back in then hold the power button down forabout 5 seconds and see if it lights up some laptops havea protect mode

kiwilocks, Apr 9, 8:14pm
take it straightback

bevharris1938, Apr 9, 8:40pm
DONT DO THIS ! If they see you have tampered with it they will not give you a replacement. Take it back to the shop and get them to play with it.

r.g.nixon, Apr 9, 8:45pm
That isn't tampering.

echoriath, Apr 9, 8:50pm
No, if you waited more than 30 minutes to open it after getting home, the consumer protection rules don't apply. If you try and return a brand new faulty product you may be fined up to $5000.

You should get a pinch bar and try to open it up and see what's wrong. Computers operate with pixies and gnomes, and one may be missing. If you can prove one is missing, then the store might have to exchange it.

a.h3, Apr 9, 11:10pm
Dont ya know, the pixies and gnomes interbred and are now called gremlins

newbie5, Apr 10, 1:23am
Try charging it overnight first

newbie5, Apr 10, 1:23am
Try charging it overnight first A 1/2 hour is nothing

newbie5, Apr 10, 1:23am
Try charging it overnight firstA 1/2 hour is nothing
Then if it doesnt go tomorrow take it back without doing anything to it.

gibler, Apr 10, 1:26am
heh DOA.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 10, 1:29am

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 10, 1:29am
Rubbish, taking the battery out is hardly tampering.

markie4, Apr 10, 1:59am
The battery is a user removal part, it's not tampering.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 10, 2:05am
what are you on about ! been selling computers for years there nothing in the warranty that says you cant remove a battery and refit it !

lythande1, Apr 10, 3:47am
Tampered! Removing a battery! Hardly.
In fact you can do a number of things, add more RAM, swap HDD. None of it is tampering. Tampering is crappy advice but idiots who know nothing about what they are talking about and should keep quiet and learn instead.

mcdaff, Apr 10, 11:42am
My laptop didn't have the battery fitted when I bought it, it was packaged sperarately in the box.

fingerscrossed2, Apr 10, 11:50am
sorry about the out burst how have you got on any luck ! what have you tryed doing!

velenski, Apr 11, 12:36am

wombatunder, Apr 11, 2:35am
Not sure if this is a wind-up or not.why do you think the battery will charge from zero in half an hour!Give it approx. 8 hrs.
If you are anxious to get started then plug the charger back into the notebook and work from the mains whilst it's charging.Also try starting up by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.Some notebook models (including two of my Thinkpads) have this 5-second thing as a protection against accidental start-up.

newbie5, Apr 11, 4:48am
Like they say
If all else fails then read the Instructions

asmawa1, Apr 11, 4:49am
2 days later the OP hasn't been back. Might have read the manual in the meantime perhaps!

edit = beat me by one minute

smoothjazz, Apr 11, 10:33am
Hi all, all been sorted now, got it replaced. Something was not quite right about the first device as you can see the power light on and can hear the CPU fan spinning with hot air coming out and that's it. The new one works very well, everybody is happy now, thanks for the help :)

fingerscrossed2, Apr 11, 10:34am
great news

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