Please, Help me find printer drivers :) :)

pscott1, Apr 10, 8:16am
Hi!I am trying to download the printer drivers to my Epson Stylus Photo 250.- Free on the internet.I know I have done this before and installed on another computer but just can't seem to find them this time!
I am sure it's probably obvious but as you may be able to tell I am not the most computer savy!Any help or a link would be realy appreciated!Hopefully one I can click and it installs it for me ::):)
Thanks in advance!

little_egypt, Apr 10, 8:27am

"Your search for stylus photo 250 did not return any results."

Are you sure that's the model number!

tool_shop173, Apr 10, 8:29am

pscott1, Apr 10, 8:41am
Oh silly me!Epson Stylus Photo R250 :)

pscott1, Apr 10, 8:47am
Thank you so much now have the drivers!Why can't I find things that easily haha

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