Toshiba L750 Intel i7 Laptop Cpu Heat

zohan09, Apr 18, 5:31am
Just wondering if anyone had an idea on an acceptable heat for the Intel 2680-QM cpu inside on my Toshiba L750 they seem a tad high to me. Using CoreTemp is shows 4 core from 48-55 degrees at 1-9 percent load its brand new and and temps are indicitave of web browsing only. Any info appreciated. Thankyou

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 18, 5:34am
Thats fine - well with in the margins.

zohan09, Apr 18, 5:36am
wow that was fast appreciate it pyro was just noticing intermittent noise of the fan kicking in quite abit. I changed the power settings in Win 7 which reduced the fan noise marginally.:)

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