Vodafone 3G

footplate1, Apr 17, 8:21pm
For once i have something positive to say.
In Dunedin en route back to Auckland after driving to Wellington and then down the coast as far south as Invercargill.3G has been very good in almost every stop (Arrowtown the usual lousy Vodafone signal).Anyway, my iPad has worked without the need for wifi at almost every stop!
My iPhone 3GS has poor reception but it has been good for the iPad.
Good on yer, Vodafone.

thereason, Apr 17, 10:17pm
Interesting. However my Samsung smart phone has huge problems with 3G. Vodaphone are aware of it and can't seem to sort it. I keep taking it back and they think its sorted but nope!

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 17, 10:44pm
The iPad supports Vodafone's 3G extended network - the 3G-S does not. iPhone 4/4s support 3G extended. 3G-S is better on the XT network really.

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