can you hook a printer to wireless router

jacqui248, Jun 20, 10:26am
Can you hook a printer to wireless router or something?? now that i have laptop.. and can go all round the house with no wiresit realy annoys me having to print crap outplug it in etccan i make that wireless somehow too?? its a canon multifunction thing

babcorp, Jun 20, 10:39am
I think this is just what you're wantingAuction Number: 160835813

morrisman1, Jun 20, 10:46am
Or you could buy an apple airport express for $150 and its a wireless 802.11n base station with print server and airtunes that lets you stream from itunes to you stereo (if you plug your stereo into the headphone port on the airport express) the airport extreme is the next step up and has more functions (but no airtunes) but its nearly twice the price. You dont need a mac to use these things, pc software is supplied i think

spj2, Jun 20, 10:47am
Some printers such as mine (HP C4280 or something) has 802.11g built in. Easy to configure and complies with security WPA etc.

google0, Jun 21, 10:41am
Is your multifunction thing wireless? If so then yes you can have a wireless printer. lol. got mine not long ago & soo worth it

_whatever, Jun 21, 10:54am
No I think the canon thing model is not wireless!

badcam, Jun 21, 8:10pm
If you already have a wireless router then you could just buy a cheap print server (non wireless) and plug that into the wireless router. That will work. I bought a Belkin print server on TM for $20. Works perfectly.

johnlyn, Jun 21, 10:26pm
Windows Live OneCare works perfectly with your printer to be used wirelessly for all computers.

gyrogearloose, Jun 21, 11:32pm
The DLINK DI-524UP wireless router has a USB print server port.

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