Help with a wireless connection

niknaks, Apr 19, 9:54pm
Not sure where to start.

My laptop is telling me I have an internet connection and its connected but I cant connect at all neither will my ipad, iphones etc.

I have tried turning it all off and back on again but nothing. Sometimes i can log on to trade me but cant get past the first page.

Could this be a router or modem problem.

How do i find out which without spending money replacing both and am I able to contact telecom and ask them to check that i do have a broadband signal there!

I would appreciate anyones help.

Thanks in advance.

king1, Apr 20, 12:39am
Sounds like internet issue at the modem, have you restarted the modem/router etc. Power off for 5minutes, and switch everything on again including laptop

gj, Apr 20, 2:07am
Open a command prompt on yr desktop
(new desktop shortcut, enter name as cmd.exe)
type in exactly as follows
What reply do you get!

niknaks, Apr 20, 2:13am
I dont have a desktop

niknaks, Apr 20, 2:14am
Not sure what a command prompt is and i dont have a desk top sorry

r.g.nixon, Apr 20, 2:22am
Win key + R
Type in "cmd" (without quotes).

curiouscat, Apr 20, 4:16am
I have just had this issue. my laptop did an update wednesday and it stopped me from being able to connect to internet for any longer then 5 minutes. I did a system restore and now everything is fine. i being posting on here to under need a computer tech.(help)

But as you cant connect with other devices your modem probably needs to be reconfigured

niknaks, Apr 20, 10:34pm
i got the message
request timed out

spyware, Apr 20, 11:32pm
OK, type ipconfig at shell prompt and report results.

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