Epson Printer problems ?

vampiriousmist, Apr 20, 3:05am
I recently bought an Epson stylus NX430, majority of use was to print C.V for my job hunting. It wont feed the paper properly, and it does not print straight. I thought at first it was the old paper I was using, then I bought more yesterday and the same has happened.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or how I can fix it! It pretty much will only fit 1 paper at a time too >.<

Thanks in advance

horrid1, Apr 20, 3:29am
I too have a NX430, and was having a similar problem. In the slot where you load the paper there is (in the middle) a grey coloured block which is a guide for the paper. It needs to be slid along to the left far enough for the paper to fit in snugly. May be your problem! Let's know how you get on.

vampiriousmist, Apr 20, 7:09am
Thank you so muchHorrid1 ! Worked like a charm ! Now I have a printer that prints ! :)

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