Intel vs. amd comparison

papamower, Apr 23, 5:16am
Hi, does anyone have a link for a website where I could pick one intel vs one amd and see which was better/faster! The only sites I've been able to find for comparisons so far have long long lists to scroll through! Thanks

papamower, Apr 23, 5:17am
Or. what would be your opinion and reasons why for intel i5-2450M (2.5GHz) vs AMD A4 (1.9GHz)!

tonyrockyhorror, Apr 23, 5:19am
There's a reason for that. Think about it.

beast9, Apr 23, 5:25am
amd is still the quickest that i have found and i will always use amd

_sms_, Apr 23, 5:41am
LOL @ the fanboi

ropes2, Apr 23, 5:44am
Here's a chart, it's not too long that it's hard to see.

GHz is a good indicator of performance, so 2.5Ghz should be better than a 1.9Ghz, it's not always the case but then check out the benchmarks.

wellystretch, Apr 23, 6:06am
Is your google broken!

Type that in as a string: " intel i5-2450M (2.5GHz) vs AMD A4 (1.9GHz)"

I got about 200 million results.

dvince, Apr 23, 6:43am

dvince, Apr 23, 6:54am
Oh and Learn to control/command +F

blue_meanie, Apr 24, 5:29am
If you want speed then AMD is the way to go. The FX-8150 "bulldozer"is the fastest desktop CPU on the planet, it runs at 28.8Ghz (3.6 x 8) absolutely blows away anything that Intel makes.

henry284, Apr 24, 5:45am
28.8Ghz (3.6 x 8) What dafuq! Are you kidding!

wellystretch, Apr 24, 5:54am
Are YOU kidding, that maths sounds right to me

(protip: look at the winking emoticion)

justnewbie, Apr 24, 6:03am
i found having amd and intel that amd wasnt very good at multitasking but good on speed, and intel good at multitasking and not as good on speed

fordcrzy, Apr 24, 9:02am
and amd made great room heaters

lugee, Apr 24, 1:04pm
You'll get far better graphics included with an AMD CPU.

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