Want cheap gaming pc,recomend any?

justnewbie, Apr 23, 9:28am
im looking at making the switch from console to pc gaming and want to get a pc or laptop that could play skyrim and other such games. dont want to spend any more than $500. is it worth just getting a pc that isnt expensive and upgrading the graphics my self! or getting one with everything all ready to go! and if so , any listings people could recomend!

beast9, Apr 23, 9:40am
have a look at atech.co.nz they have some cheap systems there and all of good quality

aslan2, Apr 23, 9:40am

babcorp, Apr 23, 9:58am
If you're wanting serious gaming graphics,you'll spend $500 just on the vid card alone.

justnewbie, Apr 23, 10:12am
not really much options here.thanks anyway

lythande1, Apr 23, 8:31pm
Forget it. Gaming PCs real gaming PCs, capable of high end graphics are not $500, even the GPU alone would be at least that, usually more.

velenski, Apr 23, 8:43pm
skyrim runs good on my partners pc i built 3 years ago for about $600.

shagged, Apr 24, 4:53am
I have just made the switch from ps3 to pc gaming I it cost me $1500 including a monitor. Purchased proper gaming keyboard and mouse and speaker set so all up it probably cost me close to 2 grand

justnewbie, Apr 24, 6:05am
i didnt say i wanted i pc that can play high end graphics, i just want to able to play games and upgrade everything myself

wellystretch, Apr 24, 6:09am
For that price you would be struggling to finance a decent base to upgrade from. Maybe have a look at the PBtech site, they sell very basic starter cases that have the bare minimum, but can be easily upgraded.


blue_meanie, Apr 24, 10:36am
+1, this one looks good, only doesn't have full version of windows

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