Good gaming PC for under $1000 on TradeMe?

jordan0, Apr 25, 4:23am
Hey guys, I am into my computers but not enough to know all apart parts especially since they outdate soo quickly. Can you guys recommend some decent gaming PC's for under $1000 that are on TM at the moment! Cheers

r.g.nixon, Apr 25, 4:37am
You won't get one that cheap. Also we need to know if you need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, operating system.

jordan0, Apr 25, 5:31am
My friend got this # 461902047 for $700 including postage. So they are out there, just not sure 100% of what to look for. Just need the box. I already have keyboard, mouse, screen etc. Cheers!

hammerman1, Apr 25, 5:53am
Type in "upgrade" (without quotes) under motherboards and take your pick!

blue_meanie, Apr 25, 6:19am

try this one.

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