Internet access with PS3 through TV

tgray, Apr 25, 11:31pm
Just got a nice 55inch TV at half the price as the 'internet accessible' ones and bought a PS3 to connect to it. Hooked it up and works a treat. Seems too easy. Am I missing something!

2nd2none, Apr 25, 11:46pm
Getting a TV today after work some great deals going around, but decided to shy away from the internet capable TVs only because I don't see any use of surfing the net via a TV when I have a notebook and a Ps3 already capable of that.

boybad, Apr 25, 11:47pm
are you! lol maybe surround sound unit and a headset.

boybad, Apr 25, 11:58pm
Yup the only purpose for tv to go on the net is to update tv features, ps3 can do a better job at browsing and its wireless.

doggitt, Apr 25, 11:58pm
I like the music channel PS3 has though it's mostly limited to popular stuff. THere are some oldie goodies on it though

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