Drcspy, advice please

me-shell1, Apr 27, 5:05am
can you please give me some advice on my
HTC Sensation post down below.

ross1970, Apr 27, 5:46am
here's some advice. stick to one thread.

me-shell1, Apr 27, 6:02am
i would if people would reply

gilco2, Apr 27, 6:13am
people who have the sensation did reply to you.

drcspy, Apr 27, 7:02am
yeh I dont have one I've got a different smart phone sorry

me-shell1, Apr 27, 9:01am
Yes i know but ermm i didnt quite understand and they never came back lol

gilco2, Apr 27, 9:59am
well first thing, have you done or checked for over the air update.In settings about phone and I think it might b system update.Cant remember offhand but will be similar.It fixed a lot but not all the problmes mine had

me-shell1, Apr 27, 10:05am
Yep and it says its up to date.

me-shell1, Apr 27, 10:07am
How would i get the new firmware! And if i reset it, everything will be fine if saved onto my sim yea!
Its so anoying lol

jcmp21, Apr 27, 11:09am
Well this went well

gilco2, Apr 27, 7:44pm
Anything saved on your sim will be okay but anything you downloaded onto your phone itsel will go.
I cant remember the steps to put another firmware on it but I floowed the steps on xda developers and it went easy.

me-shell1, Apr 28, 3:33am
i ended up resetting it, and think it may be sorted.wel-
l i hope lol.
weird though as when it rebotted there were lots of new updates for the apps already on the phone which diddnt show before.
oh well guess it needed the boot.

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