How to uninstall the Brother Printer Driver Update

zuggle, Apr 27, 6:59am
2.8.1 from Mac OS x 10.6, please!

Can someone point me to a site that has step by step instructions, please!
My printer will not work since I downloaded the damn thing and I'm not very PC savvy nor do I want to wast someone's time on here - I've wasted enough of my own! Thanks for any help!

gibler, Apr 27, 7:02am
you don't. many (if not all) Apple updates have no uninstaller.
What is the model of the printer!

pongo3, Apr 27, 4:17pm
I have had a Brother printer problem for ages and no 'experts' have been able to fix it.Have just found a Brother 'help site.I got a very quick answer to my e-mail and they are sending me a CD with, hopefully, the answer to my problem.It appears that my printer came out before Windows7 and requires a different port setting.Thumbs up to Brother.

zuggle, Apr 27, 7:13pm
Gibler, the printer model is Brother HL 20-40. Thank you.

zuggle, Apr 27, 7:13pm
Gibler, the printer model is Brother HL 20-40. Thank you.
Pongo, I will consider this too, if all else fails. Thanks for your input.
I had a friend who works with computers as his livelihood on to it for an hour and it has left him baffled, also, but he did say he doesn't work with Macs.

gibler, Apr 27, 11:43pm
1) Make sure you have installed all Apple updates installed i.e. 10.6.8 (incl 10.6.8 supplemental update)

2) If the Brother is the only printer you have try to rest the printing system 3) I'm pretty sure I used this driver for Snow Leopard on the last HL-2040 I saw at work.!reg=as&c=nz&lang=e

4) You can give this software a go too:

newbie5, Apr 28, 12:52am
I had problems with my brother printer as well not working
I went to the brother website and looked for drivers.
You put in the model and download a driver uninstaller then reinstall new drivers

zuggle, Apr 28, 6:04am
Thank you both posters immediately above. I shall work through those options next day I have a few hours to spend with it. Will post back here if successful.

zuggle, May 1, 7:25pm
Wahooooooooooo! I did it. Process of elimination because the above suggestions didn't work. (Not necessarily in this order as I was working on instinct and not memory): Uninstalled. Remove USB. Emptied the Library/Printer/Brother. Emptied the trash. Reconnected USB. Rebooted. Went to Apple Help software. Re-installed Brother Printer Driver 2.8.1 for Leopard 10.6.9 and bob is my uncle! Now for a little while, I don't feel quite my full 61 years today.!

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