Lexmark printer cartridge

eljayv, Apr 27, 8:09pm
I have an old but good printer and need new black cartridge, these seem to be priced at between $70 and $80.Seems ridiculous and IF Amazon would ship here they would cost next to nothing.The cartridge is worth more than the printer. Cartridge is #70 any advice!

gj, Apr 27, 10:06pm
Lexmark - part number = price!
Look on youtube for demo on how to refill yourself.

drcspy, Apr 27, 10:08pm

or as gj said google to find out how to refill them yourself it'll be VERY cheap

drcspy, Apr 27, 10:08pm
cost me about $50 for enough ink to last my brother printer about 4 years.I got some CISS ink refills.

drcspy, Apr 27, 10:10pm
hm.looks like CISS dont' do lexmark ink.however I'm using epson ink in my brother and it works fine

your other choice is to buy a NEW printer (comes with ink of course) for less than they're askin for a new refill.

be a better printer also most likely you'll be able to buy a printer/copier/scanner all in one for $80 easily

drcspy, Apr 27, 10:11pm
what model of printer !
have you looked on trademe for ink !

eljayv, Apr 28, 2:56am
Lexmark 3200, and yes I did get a couple of colour cartridges off trademe but need black.Can't figure out how to get it to print in another colour.

eljayv, Apr 28, 2:58am
Have thought about that, but this time would like to make sure cartridges are not so costly.

jubre, May 9, 11:29pm
I am in the same situation as poster number one.

My lexmark E232 is a few years old now and I was quoted $100 for cartridge world to refill it for me.
I was thinking surely this can be done by pouring some black powder in the holeor something like that!

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