Advice for a web camera for a Panasonic smart TV

ruaphu, Apr 29, 3:01am
Hey, We have a Panasonic TH-P46GT30 plasma smart TV. We want to hook up Skype but need a camera. Does anyone know if a generic camera will work! if so what model etc OR, are we stuck having to use the the over priced Panasonic TY-CC10W Skype Camera! Any help would be great, Cheers

ceebee2, Apr 29, 10:58pm
Try your local TV appliance store.

mone, Apr 30, 12:57am
yeah and pay astronomical prices.

ruaphu, May 3, 9:54pm
Any other ideas or advice!

slimdog, May 3, 10:08pm
Is the connection on the TV USB! If so I would think any modern camera would work, and I wouldn't pay more than $30 new for it.

spyware, May 4, 2:45am
You talk twaddle, as if the TV magically has a driver for any webcam.

thewomble1, May 4, 3:05am
I think you will need to use the PANASONIC one. I have a SAMSUNG TV and had to use a SAMSUNG webcam.

slimdog, May 4, 3:05am
what, like a skype ready tv wouldn't be plug and play with a standard webcam!

ruaphu, May 4, 3:06am
Yeah, we tried the PC cam we have, but no go, so have to go along with spyware's comment.

slimdog, May 4, 3:19am
Yeah I was too lazy to search the model, its not as smart as it says. And none of the specs said anything about skype.

rdeejay, May 4, 7:06am
agree with you there i mean look at Windows operating system, and the size of it and it's driver database you think a poxy old TV is going to have a driver database of every usb webcam available.heck no.
Gotta love it don't you while you can buy a TV for a lot cheaper these days and the peripherals cost you an arm and a leg.Skype cam $100+, wireless adapter $100+, active 3d glasses $99 and you have no choice as you have to use the devices that the manufacturer says for your tv and can't buy some generic cheap brand cos it won't work.

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