Any advice appreciated.

popz, May 6, 2:53am
I have a Dick Smith Acer Aspire 5310 laptop which came with C Drive 32 gig and D data drive 32 gig. I am constantly getting low space warnings on c drive although I dont have a lot of stuff on it. The d drive has tons of space with a few gig of photographs. Had a look through c drive to see what was using most of the space and came across a file in windows "windows sxs" which is using 7.91 gigs. There are thousands of different file in there and I was wondering what on earth they all do. For example there are hundreds of files with the label "X86" and "msil"In total there are 37298 files in 8462 folders. Then there is a file "software distribution" which is 1.9 gig and System 32, 2.91 gigs. In total windows uses 13.8 gig.Just wondering if this seems normal. And no there are no films or music. I use c cleaner pretty regularly., May 6, 3:03am
You need to merge the partitions. Video: . Follow the vid and you should be sweet! If you want any more info on it, just google 'merge partitions', May 6, 3:04am
And don't delete any Windows files whatever you do. Ccleaner will find and remove anything you don't need. The rest should remain untouched

-mung-, May 6, 3:09am
Windows is a bloated piece of crap with weird engineering fixes patching up weird engineering decisions of the past. And maintain backwards compatibility at all costs. So I guess the short answer is buy a bigger Hard drive.

-mung-, May 6, 3:10am
Merging will stop low space messages though, but back up all data incase it breaks,

king1, May 6, 3:14am
A less risky approach is to shift the location of your documents folder to the D drive.

-mung-, May 6, 3:16am
Broken link.

.does moving users to a different drive work properly!

king1, May 6, 3:18am
Fixed it - yes i do it all the time in this situation.
You can even create a new folder on D for each separate user and moveusers files to it - using the above procedure.

it does take a while to move the files though

king1, May 6, 3:24am
All those system file sizes in initial post are quite normal, and best not to play around with.This is a frequently occurringproblem because the size of those files grows over time.

as -mung- noted above,probably good time to do a backup.

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