Spilt coffee on laptop/Advice please

Arggggggggggh dog knocked coffee onto my laptop yesterday afternoon , keyboard is stuffed but otherwise fine, been upside down open and off in a warm place til now , its around 3 years old do I fork out for a new laptop keyboard or just buy a cheap usb to hook up and wait for the entire thing to go!Its a compaq presario cq61, also how encased is the keyboard from everything else!

geek_sonns79, May 11, 6:43 am


geek_jancemord, May 11, 7:02 am

I dont have insurance : (
I want to know is it worth spending more getting it fixed properly or is it getting towards the end of its expected life anyways.It started out as an HP and the messageboards seem to have a few threads with HP troubles.

geek_sonns79, May 11, 7:09 am

Bumping for more advice

geek_sonns79, May 11, 3:07 pm

Last time I picked up a wireless keyboard/mouse combo (logitech) it cost $25. Cheaper than a replacement.

geek_wellystretch, May 11, 3:10 pm

Thats what I'm thinking but I am still concerned about the whole keyboard enclosure, is it seperate from the rest of the machine!

geek_sonns79, May 11, 3:16 pm

kids spilt OJ on the notebook and thought it was stuffed, but the fixit guy managed to get cleaned and working again
cost around $50-60 from memory

geek_mouse_y, May 11, 3:19 pm

You'd have to open it up to see if any spillage has gotten in. Usually the keyboard is a self contained tray that lifts out, so most of the spill will be in the keyboard "tray". It sits on the top/back of the chassis, so there is a big flat metal surface underneath the keyboard that adds another layer that the spill has to get through.

Try opening it up, you cant go to wrong, just be aware of grounding issues

geek_wellystretch, May 11, 3:24 pm

LOL - this will be fun to watch.
Bad advice - *TITAT* as soon as possible

geek_gj, May 11, 3:36 pm

A new keyboard will cost about $25 and take about 2 mins to change,, Worth fixing.

geek_d.snell, May 11, 4:42 pm

dry it out with hairdyer

geek_elaine186, May 11, 8:21 pm

geek_blenheim-trader, May 11, 8:27 pm


I did that earlier today and it looks fine underneath no coffee marks i think the keyboard copped it all.I think I might just get a cheap usb in the meantime and save a couple of hundy to get the keyboard and mousepad fixed by a tech.What is the average lifespan of a laptop anyways!

geek_sonns79, May 11, 9:26 pm

sigh. have you done this! I've seen the result of exactly this advice being given, melted keys/case work and no resolution to original problem!

geek_zaowl, May 11, 10:33 pm

liquid and electronics dont co exsist to well together for very long periods of time even if you are lucky enough to get it going do yourself a favour and replace the keyboard

geek_fingerscrossed2, May 11, 11:36 pm

I would never use a hairdryer to dry a laptop out, the hot air would push liquid further into the machine.Its completely dry had it upside down right away and left it overnight. I imagine coffee with sugar would be pretty corrosive. So I will save up and get the mousepad fixed as well by a tech.

geek_sonns79, May 12, 5:27 am

1) Take it out, don't try to do anything with it while it's still in the laptop.
2) Give it a proper wash to get all the coffee and sugar out first.
3) Dry it overnight in a warm dry place, or a bag of rice. Or if you use a hair drier have it on a low setting, not paint-stripper hot.

geek_little_egypt, May 12, 8:14 am

It was dry and it didnt look like anything got underneath.I grabbed a cheap usb and I will be saving to take it to a tech and get the mouse pad fixed as well it wasnt working properly to start with as it had had water spilt on it once before.There wasnt that much spilled on it and it went into the hot water cupboard upside down straight away for around 14 or 15 hours.Its missing a few keys as well so its time to save up a couple of hundy and get it done properly.

geek_sonns79, May 12, 10:51 pm

slightly off topic but. I heard about the desktop keyboard trick of putting it in your dishwasher.
We we tried it with an old keyboard and it cleaned up a treat.
Allowed a couple days for it to completely dry and it works perfectly

geek_hapukanz, May 12, 11:54 pm