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angelheaven, May 11, 8:58am
turned it on and it powers up and can hear fan but wont load any further. So I guess I have lost all that was on it. What is a good laptop for under $1000 I only use it to read emails watch the odd clip on youtube etc. I have alway had acer and had no problems. My daughters have had compact and both reapired under warranty and I must admit service was fast and efficent. I seen a lot on specail for aropund the 700-800 price some with up to 6g ram. What sort of thing should I be looking for ghz etc

angelheaven, May 11, 9:31am
Wow thats a great price. How do I know if the hard drive is ok can I just have it taken out and take stuff off it ! sorry have no idea

angelheaven, May 11, 9:38am
wow your amazing thank you so much :-)

blenheim-trader, May 11, 9:41am
Your laptop isn't that old , worth getting a quote from a local tech.
Does itstart to load windows !

angelheaven, May 11, 9:50am
no I turn it on and it sounds like it is loading up you can hear the fan but it just stays on a black screen. This morning when I turned it on it had blue window saying do not power off updating then 5 mins later I moved the mouse and nothing

blenheim-trader, May 11, 9:53am
Try starting Windows in safe mode by pressing f8 key at startup just tap it .
or leave it on black screen for 10 minutes and see if there is any progress.

angelheaven, May 11, 9:58am
ok will try that now

petemun, May 11, 10:05am
im on my 5920g now. I've had it for four years and it hasn't loaded up a few times but its been sweet all year *touches could try reformatting it

angelheaven, May 11, 10:16am
blenheim-trader as soon as it started I tapped the f8 button it sounds like it is going but it not all the blue lights down the right hand side are lit but screen is still black

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:24am
try pressing alt+f10at boot this invokes the recovery partition.
note if it works don't proceed as usually this will format and install the factory image.

angelheaven, May 11, 10:28am
no that made no change everything still the same as before can still hear it running though

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:33am
Its highly unlikely that the hard-drive has crapped out during an update more likely that the drive has been corrupted some how.

angelheaven, May 11, 10:36am
I just asked my daughter she said she pushed the button to turn it on but it may have already been on. So was possible it was saying dont power off because she was actually trying to turn off instead of on when it was trying to update. Does that make sense

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:40am
Did you make recovery discs for your laptop !

angelheaven, May 11, 10:41am
no sadly not for this one but did for the other 3 laptops

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:48am
what operating system are you using on the computer you are currently using !

angelheaven, May 11, 10:51am
on this little 10inch acer is windows 7 starter. the one that has problems was vista but had a tech put windows 7 on it way back

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:54am
I was going to get you to make a System Repair Disc, but your acer wont have have a cd/ dvd writer.

angelheaven, May 11, 10:55am
my daughters compac does

blenheim-trader, May 11, 10:59am
If you think you can follow the instructions here it's worth a try.

You will need a Pc running Vista or Win 7 and a blank CD.

angelheaven, May 11, 11:00am
ok will try now

angelheaven, May 11, 11:19am
right made the disc reading instructions sorry really thick with things like this do I pop the cd in as soon as the computer starts then proceed

angelheaven, May 11, 11:23am
ok nothing coming up its the same as before.

blenheim-trader, May 11, 11:26am
The laptop needs to have the dvd /cd writer set as the first boot device.

Press f2 as the computer boots and select the cd dvd as first boot device.

angelheaven, May 11, 11:28am
as soon as I turned it on i pushed the dvd drive and popped cd in as soon as tray opened is that correct

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