Iphone 3gs

I have a 2month old excellent condition iphone 3gs 8gb unlocked is keen to swap for a htc sensation!

geek_ash_disturbance, May 11, 9:43 pm

how much would u sell it for

geek_elaine186, May 11, 9:45 pm

Was more looking to swap phone for phone

geek_ash_disturbance, May 11, 9:46 pm

Even a samsung galaxy s2 id be keen for iphone just not my thing

geek_ash_disturbance, May 11, 10:22 pm

Think you will find a 3G-S isn't worth as much as either of those phones really.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 11, 10:25 pm

I spent 600

geek_ash_disturbance, May 11, 11:57 pm

I hope you are talking 2+ years ago, otherwise, you've been really ripped off!

geek_smoothjazz, May 12, 12:22 am

Nope, thats what they are worth brand new.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, May 12, 12:41 am

They are 600 to buy nw

geek_ash_disturbance, May 12, 2:49 pm

Oh jesus you got ripped off, 8gb iPhone 3gs go for like $300 max on trademe and galaxy s2 go for like $600. Throw some more cash around and some one will swap.

geek_spud1991, May 12, 4:52 pm

It was from noel lemmings

geek_ash_disturbance, May 12, 6:45 pm