Power Supply missing cables

judyk3, May 12, 12:58am
Hey guys,

Small problem Im kind of hoping you can help me with.

I just bought a modular PSU from trademe and unfortunately the fine gentleman that sold it to me neglected to mention that he wasnt going to send me any of the sata / PCI-E cables that would normally go with it.

He's currently saying I should have realised the cables would not be included, as the picture didn't show them (it just showed a bundle of cables at the back I assumed to be all of them). Is it normal practice with modular PSUs to not include all of the stock cables! The emails hes currently sending me basically say that he's noteven a little at fault and I am, for not asking to make sure all cables were included. But it's all a part of the fun of buying second hand I suppose.

Regardless of that whole mess, it's not looking fantastic for getting a refund or any cables through him, so where should I look to find the additional cables! I had a quick search on trademe but Im not entirely sure what Im looking for. I don't really want to spend heaps to get them, otherwise I may have just purchased the power supply new. Any help would be great.

This is the model of PSU here -


Hopefully this all makes sense haha

hapukanz, May 12, 1:11am

hakatere1, May 12, 1:31am
Nice power supply. I wouldn't give him a reddy nor even a bluey, but I would sure mention it in the feedback and suggest he make it clearer in future. If he used the link that you used in his auction, then one would assume the cables come with it.

d.snell, May 12, 2:31am
I have a set off a dead PSU
5 Cables in total
1.single PCIE connector
2 & 3 . 2x SATA & 2x ATX Power
4 & 52x SATA, 2x ATX & 1 FDD Power

You can have all 5 or whatever you want, let me know and I'll list for you.

judyk3, May 12, 3:40am
D.Snell, That would be mint, It'd really help me a lot. At least I'd be able to use the darn PSU lol. If you could list that, that'd be fantastic.

swivel, May 12, 4:09am
If he didn't say the cables were included in the auction, i'd ask for the money back / cables / Red if he doesn't

r.g.nixon, May 12, 4:19am
Just hot wire it!

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