Howick Red Network ADSL2+

Howick Red Network ADSL2+ How do I figure out what my speeds would be. So Far I have this (If it helps) : SNR Margin --- [DOWNLOAD 15 dB] [UPLOAD 25 dB],
Line Attenuation --- [DOWNLOAD 44dB] [IPLOAD 29 dB], - Auckland [Download 2383kbps]

geek_pawlovers, Jun 21, 11:15 pm

Not good by the looks high line attenuation = bad

geek_shrapz, Jun 21, 11:17 pm

If your getting Less than 3 meg on ADSL1+ then you may very well get less than that on ADSL2+ as ADSL2+ works best for short distances. I would recommend you stick with your standard.

geek_shrapz, Jun 21, 11:18 pm

Okdamn it.

geek_pawlovers, Jun 22, 12:07 am

May not be so shrapzI'm on the Howick exchange on ADSL2+ (with Orcon) and my line attenuation is 45.1 dB. I'm connecting at ~5Mbps. There may be hope for pawlovers.

geek_gobi, Jun 22, 9:16 pm