Restrict Internet access

first_bubz, May 11, 4:47am
Is there anyway possible that I could do this, without pulling out cable or hiding the modem etc. our teen spends waaaay too much time playing Xbox live, it's eating up way too much GB's. Help please as he will be spending the day tomorrow unsupervised.

wellystretch, May 11, 4:58am
Those sorts of games on that sort of connection use approx. 150mb of data per hour. So if he was using it for ten hours per day uninterrupted he might use 1.5gb of data total. Not a hell of a lot, a couple of hours on youtube would use that much or even more.

What is your data cap!

wellystretch, May 11, 4:59am
Even better, since he has to pay to use xboxlive anyway, just chargehim another $20 a month or whatever and just bump up your data cap. You both win.

mm12345, May 11, 5:03am
Just take the Xbox.How old is he anyway!
Jeesh - as a parent you need to have some authority over your kid - it's not just for your own sake - but for his.

volkier, May 11, 5:35am
I'll have to concur.

first_bubz, May 11, 6:39am
I'm the stepmum - his dad authorises whatever it is to do with his son BUT I pay for the internet.He's on for alot more than 10hours a day. Especially over the weekend. Some days he uses 2 gigs sometimes more, we are only on a 30gig plan to cut down on costs.He has already paid for a years worth of xbox live subscription & once his year is up, that is it!lol.I hate being on dial up.He gets on as soon as he gets home from school & is supposed to get off at 9pm, but this sometimes carries on till 10-11pm.On the weekends he goes alllllll weekend.Would be a major problem if he was with us fulltime, but he is with us 50/50 (2 weeks every month) but within that 2 weeks we always end up on dial up before our month is up.So is there no free programme I can download or anything!

nzoomed, May 11, 6:48am
help, im only on a 15gb plan, and i dont even go over that and i use youtube ALOT

mm12345, May 11, 7:12am
Instead of turning the internet off, turn the tap off - if you get what I mean - until his dad gets the rascal under control.
Nothing wrong with a bit of xbox murder and mayhem - but the kids who my son grew up with and who were addicted to xbox, are mainly complete losers these days.

john.abel, May 11, 7:17am
Turn on MAC address filtering on your wireless router. Then you can turn his access on and off whenever you want. No need to get any software, this is standard functionality.

boybad, May 11, 9:06pm
You also can set times or limits so it will turn off at set time or cap.

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