Acer laptop help, please

I have an Acer laptop that I seldom use because it has a "problem".
When I start it up, the ACER logo comes up on a white screen, and the blue bar at the bottom only comes 3/4 way across. Is that normal! It stays that way for 50 seconds.
A black screen then comes up with a blinking cursor at the extreme top left - hand corner. It stays that way until I turn it off.
About once in every 5 times, it starts up and continues good.
I haven't had it on for months, so the battery is flat and I am using it with 240v plug at present.
Does that make sense to anyone! Please don't give me stupid replies - only helpful ones! That would improve my day lol

geek_jaez1, May 11, 10:26 am

HD problem

geek_swivel, May 11, 10:32 am

I hope you have backups of any important data.

geek_r.g.nixon, May 11, 10:34 am

I agree with the other posters who say that it could be the HD failing.
There's a risk that if the HD is failing, then each time you try to boot it up, even though sometimes this succeeds, that you're losing data from the HD.If there's anything on the computer which is important, and you haven't backed it up, then I suggest you take it to a tech (or friend who can help) to remove the HD, and recover any data on it, then run diagnostic tests to see if it's okay.If it is okay, then put it back in the laptop and look for other possible causes of the problem.

geek_mm12345, May 11, 10:59 am

Thank you. I have now backed up my important docs. I am now able to get it working fine when I use the battery - only- not the 240volt.
What does that suggest to anyone kowledgeable!
I will charge it up first, then plug in the 2vo volt and see what happens.

geek_jaez1, May 11, 11:34 am

If that's correct, then it suggests to me that perhaps the power supply in the cord is insufficient capacity to supply charge current to the battery and power up the laptop at the same time, without so much voltage drop that the HD won't spin up correctly.Is it an OEM power supply!
We've got an Acer laptop here, the OEM cord has a Liteon brand PSU, 19v but only 3.4A.A similar spec and age Toshiba laptop I have here has a19V 6.3A PSU - almost double the capacity.
The Acer has been a complete POS compared to the Toshiba.You get what you pay for - but even if "attractively priced"I would never buy another Acer product.

geek_mm12345, May 11, 11:58 am